Happy Baby-Learning Spanish with Music

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This book contains:

Songs lyrics translated in their entirety from Spanish to English to promote understanding of the message.

Simple full-color illustrations which depict the meaning of the lyrics and the essence of each melody.

Suggestions for interpreting
each song in Spanish and English, as well
as tips for changing certain words in some songs so they are adequate for your baby.

Sheet music of each song

that have been recorded in three versions:
    1. The songs are interpreted with instrumental accompaniment so that the baby relates the lyrics to the corresponding actions. Through continuous repetitions, the baby will pick up certain words like: mom, dad, baby, sleep, bath, happy, etc.

    2. The melodies are performed only in an instrumental way so that parents can replace the singers voice.

    3. The lyrics of the songs are spoken, not sung, so that the parent contributes to the baby’s fluency in the language.